Design, Development and Implementation of cloud web applications with high quality standards, ensuring interoperability, scalability, concurrency and security. For the satisfaction of our customers and users.


Through Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, boost software development by progressively decreasing the complexity of processes, with the aim of quickly converting a business idea into functional code in the cloud.


The three most important values to mention are communication, simplicity and flexibility. Complying with the philosophy that a code that is read, understood and understood well is more flexible, scalable and reusable.


Web and Mobile Systems

Software Development applying the best SOLID and Clean Code practices. Using modern programming languages: Kotlin, Python, Javascript and PHP. All developments oriented to Cloud.


From Design to deployment, applying best SEO practices. We develop your website in the best cost-benefit ratio. We focus on progressive web apps (PWA).


We develop your online store using the e-commerce Sylius as a base, we customize from the templates to the gateways of your choice.


If you are looking to improve your website visibility in the organic results of the different search engines, we can help you. Authority and relevance are the objectives that allow you to have all the focus of attention.

We rely on the following technologies

symfony php7 html5 css3 sass js nodejs reactjs angular python flask django mongo mariadb postgresql apache docker webpack tensorflow spacy

System panda

Our Clients

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Carlos Gutierrez en la computadora

About me

Hello, first of all let me thank you for visiting my window in the cloud.

Now let me tell you a little about who I am. My name is Carlos Gutierrez, Computer Engineer, I dedicate myself to the web developer. I am an Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning enthusiast. I program in languages such as Javascript, Python, PHP and Kotlin. I have been working freelances since 2016. I have collaborated for different projects from SCADAS to App de Taxis, fulfilling different roles. Always in constant training and in the search for professional challenges that drive me to develop my full potential. I am currently developing a technology that allows improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on websites training an algorithm thanks to Deep Learning.

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